Compare/ Contrast Writing

Proficiency 4 (Text to Movie Adaptation)

Links to important documents:

WSQ Explanation

WSQ #7 included videos:
   -Character’s Motives and Theme
   -Compare Contrast Writing & Organizer worksheet

WSQ #10 included video:
    -Compare and Contrast Part II

WSQ Grade Chart to attach to Notebook Paper

Additional Links and In Class Packets

To use for the compare/contrast short essay proficiency:
Compare Contrast Worksheet (asked to create in video homework for WSQ #7 to use in class).
Venn Diagram (if you would rather use this instead) "Harrison Bergeron" version.
Click here to go to Science Fiction Short Stories page ("Harrison B.")
Click here to go to Science Fiction Novel page (War of the Worlds)
HOT question starters

Online Homework:

"Harrison Bergeron" vs. 2081

  War of the Worlds attempt #2

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn:

Student created video lessons:
(coming soon)