Historical Fiction (Novel)

Proficiency 9 Novel- Night by Elie Weisel 

CCSS 8.W.9
Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

  • Identify key ideas and details that support conclusions
  • Cite textual evidence to analyze explicit text
  • Draw evidence from key ideas and details as support for further research
  • Analyze key ideas and details as evidence of understanding text
  • Reflect on key ideas and details as evidence of support and understanding
Links to important documents:
WSQ Explanation

WSQ #23 includes videos:
    -Authors Background (Night- concept 1)
    -Characters and Vocab (Night- concept 2)


WSQ #24
     -Foreshadowing (Night-concept 3)
     -Simile & Metaphor (Night - concept 4)
     -Conflict (Night- concept 5)  

WSQ #25
     -Timed Write (Night - concept 6)
     - Allusions (Night - concept 7)
     - Characterization (Night- concept 8)
     - Theme (Night- concept 9)
     - Irony (Night- concept 10)

WSQ Grade Chart to attach to Notebook Paper

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Additional Links and In Class Packets

HOT question starters
In Class Holocaust Background Notes (student version) 
     *Click on the link below on sophia for Historical Context for the sophia  
      lesson/ tutorial
WEEK 1 Learning Log for Independent Study Students

Online Homework:

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Learnist Playlist on Textual Evidence and Inference

US Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Resources
American Posters
Search NW University WWII Poster Collection

Genocides around the world:

Student created video lessons:
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