Science Fiction (Short Stories)

Proficiency 3 Character Actions and Motives

Links to important documents:

WSQ Explanation

WSQ #5 included videos:
    -1950’s & Science Fiction (parts I-III)
WSQ #6 included videos:
   -What is Science Fiction?
   -Character’s Actions and Motives
   -Character’s Actions & Plot
WSQ #7 included videos:
   -Character’s Motives and Theme
   -Compare Contrast Writing & Organizer worksheet
WSQ #8 included videos:
   -Annotation and Highlighting
       page for close reading strategies.
   -Capitalization #1
         page for grammar.

WSQ Grade Chart to attach to Notebook Paper

Additional Links and In Class Packets

To use for the compare/contrast short essay proficiency:
Compare Contrast Worksheet (asked to create in video homework for WSQ #7 to use in class).
Venn Diagram (if you would rather use this instead) "Harrison Bergeron" version.
HOT question starters
"Harrison Bergeron"
Baby X
"The Veldt"
2081 Trailer on youtube, see me to watch the full version.

Online Homework:

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn:

Student Created Content:
Click here to go to a Wendy Hadley ("The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury) pinterest board.
Click here to go a pinterest board on "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury.
Click here to go a glogster on "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury