Speech & Debate

Proficiency 6

Links to important documents:
WSQ Explanation

WSQ #14 includes videos:
   -Intro to Public Speaking (concept 1)
   -Parts of a Debate (concept 2)
   -How to Write an Opening and Closing Statement (concept 3)
WSQ #15 includes videos:
    -Including Quotes, Surveys, and Interviews in a debate (concept 4)
    -Identifying Fallicies (concept 5)
    -Persuasive Techniques (concept 6)

WSQ #16 includes videos:
    -Expectations of Power Point (concept 7)
    -Debate Rubric Analysis (concept 8)
    -Persuasive Essay Characteristics (concept 1)
      Click here for the link to the Persuasive Essay page.

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