Historical Fiction/ Inference

Historical Fiction/ Holocaust Short Stories

Proficiency 8 CCSS R.L.8.1 & R.I.8.1

Inference/ Textual Support/ Theme/ Author's Purpose

Links to important documents:
WSQ Explanation

WSQ #19 includes videos:
    -What is Inferring? (concept 1)
    -Flipped Classroom Survey 
     *no notes, just answer survey questions!

WSQ #20
    -Textual Support (concept 2)
    -Theme & Author's Purpose (concept 3)

WSQ #21
     -Responding to Literature (concept 4)
     -Title's: What Gives? (Grammar Issues concept 3)
      Click here for the page on Grammar Issues
     You can also see below for the Sophia playlist

WSQ #22
     -Test Prep Anxiety Video
      Click here for the page on OAKs Prep

WSQ Grade Chart to attach to Notebook Paper

*Stopped using these... but let me know if you feel like we need to start using them again! 

Additional Links and In Class Packets

HOT question starters
In Class Holocaust Background Notes (student version) 
     *Click on the link below on sophia for Historical Context for the sophia    
      lesson/ tutorial
Timeline Activity
     *Click here for the worksheet
     *Click here for the cards 
      Directions: cut out the cards and manipulate them into order and read  
      them! The ones with the stars are the ones to put on the worksheet

Online Homework:

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn:

Learnist Playlist on Textual Evidence and Inference

US Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Resources
American Posters
Search NW University WWII Poster Collection

Genocides around the world:
Student created video lessons: