Suspense /E.A. Poe

Proficiency 10 8.R.L.4 & 8.R.L.6 Word Choice 

(tone, connotation, , figurative meaning, point of view)

Links to important documents:
WSQ Explanation

WSQ #26 includes videos:
    -Introducing Tone & Mood (Poe- concept 1)
    -Author Background (Poe- concept 2)

     -Word Choice & Connotation (Poe-concept 3)
     -Point of View (Poe- concept 4)

WSQ #27
     -Tone Paragraph Expectations (Poe- concept 5)

WSQ Grade Chart to attach to Notebook Paper

*Stopped using these... but let me know if you feel like we need to start using them again! 

Additional Links and In Class Packets

Online Homework:

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn:
Wikipedia on Poe
Poe Stories
Poe Museum
The Simpson's do The Raven (Treehouse of Horror) 
Student created video lessons:
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