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Letter to Self Packet (for reference to topics)
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Writing Topic
Extra Ideas
Me Now
For this section bring in a picture of something that is important to you right now, something that is a good example of you as an 8th grader (Example hanging out in your room, hanging out with friends etc.) This picture is going to inspire you to write about yourself. If you want to bring in more than one picture that is fine EXTRA CREDIT!

If you would also like to do a collage of your FAVORITES that would be an awesome addition and would earn you extra credit points.
What I Do
For this section draw a map of your room or house. This will be attached to the writing piece.(if you want to take a picture that will work as well – you need to include an actual photo copy however)
My World
For this section bring a picture of you doing something. If you play sports do you have a picture of you at a game? If you ride ATV’s or dirt bikes do you have a picture of that? If you love music, do you have a picture of you at a concert? This will be included with the writing piece.
People In My Life
For this section I would like a collage of family and friends. I am thinking at least FOUR pictures of different people that are important to your life.

An additional idea for this section would be to tell your parents about this project and see if they would be willing to write you a letter and seal it in an envelope (you will get credit for it, even though they are doing the work!) remind your parents that you will not read the letter until you are a senior so hopefully they make it a good one!

Another idea would be to create a family tree, see me for examples and ideas about how to go about this! Use your work from history and your  project!
My Past
TIME LINE/ Life Line is required for this section

If you have pictures of you as a child, maybe where you were born, other places where you have lived etc. you could make a collage of things of your past and this would be a great extra credit option.
My Future
If you want to do some research on your future potential job and create a collage of information and pictures that would make a great extra credit addition. Things to research; top schools/colleges for that profession, the requirements in education at the high school level and beyond, places of employment for that job, amount of annual salary for that job etc…